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"We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims." --R. Buckminster Fuller
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File: 1454197383122.jpg (23.26 KB, 540x304, 135:76, 7b9d2fb5211b236b39addfc676….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


What do you people think about this movement? Any Biomedical Engineers? Biohackers?


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Im all for it! I love hacking in the clasical sense and making what is already a good thing better the the technology is so new and dangerous that I have not even though about that level of transforamtion. but in the next 20 to 30 years it will be passe. At least I would like to think so. other methods of imortality and enhancement will exist by then and being part machine, you will be a relic of the past.


I don't see anything wrong with being part machine, tbh.


File: 1454274100817-0.png (98.17 KB, 1292x594, 646:297, Christian_H .png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1454274100817-1.png (254.53 KB, 1292x1934, 646:967, H _human-limitations.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1454274100817-2.png (10.61 KB, 620x323, 620:323, SPMB.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I am opposed, since it looks more like escapism for philosophers and cyberpunk enthusiasts. Having said that looking around on the subject one can find interesting stuff.
This caught me by surprise
This is the case with philosophers, one has a hard time deriving what the X-axis and the Y-axis mean in the 'The Space of Possible Modes of Being' graphic, which if you modify the 'accessible by humans' space on the vertical axis [SPMB.png] you could say the X-axis (horizontal) refers to the 'senses' and the Y-axis (vertical) mental/non-physical proficiency; but putting non-tampered humanity on even less than equal footing than animals is puzzling.
That's trying to make sense of it, just taking it in there is also the fact that most beings don't choose a way to be: it is set by their environment and what they need to do for survival; taking it to the human realm you also have people are shaped by their environment, but are completely capable of changing given the need or even motivation to do so.
Getting back on the graphic and the limitations it just seems like the Transhumanism concept is merely humans+tools, which seems practical in many a way, but falls flat when realizing the most practical person would be a blank slate. This is reminiscent of that Robert A. Heinlein quote "Specialization is for insects".


On a base level, I don't think many people would be against, say, improving prosthetic limbs to a level where an amputee is able to live a relatively normal lifestyle. Barring an apocalypse or a complete social/moral paradigm shift/collapse of society as we know it, we'll probably at least get that far. It won't be long until someone decides to go /past/ "average" and into "better". It's the same question we face when we consider gene manipulation - sure, it has the potential to not just cure life-changing medical conditions, but prevent them from ever occurring in the first place. On the flip-side, that same technology also would give certain people (as in, those with power/wealth/influence) to create "designer humans". Or with artificial intelligence - sure, right now it's just algorithms and pattern recognition, but if the hypothetical "true" AI is ever created, we've created an intelligence that doesn't grow old, could have its "memories" changed on the fly, and can exist in multiple instances simultaneously.

There aren't cut-and-dry answers to these sorts of questions, or at least, after all this time, nobody's thought of any good ones, far as I know. 1/2, body too long


As the saying goes, "You can't kill progress." Personally, I think it's somewhat inevitable - a hammer can pound nails to hold wood into place and build a shelter, but if you swing that same hammer at someone's head hard enough, it'll crack their skull. Medical researchers constantly have to toe the line between "doing a good thing" and "unleashing an ethical horror upon the world". You sushis know how to treat frostbite? The first thing you do is restore warmth, warm the tissue with warm (not hot) water. You know who figured that out? The Japanese Unit 731, during their occupation of Manchuria - now Northern China/Mongolia. According to testimony from an officer of Unit 731, they developed this treatment by freezing the limbs of civilian victims - dubbed "maruta", or "wooden logs", until their "frozen arms, when struck with a short stick, emitted a sound resembling that which a board gives when it is struck", and then applying various temperatures of water to see what worked best. We still use this treatment today, it's the first step in first aid. Even though I know this, if I had a child - or hell, even a complete stranger - suffering from frostbite, I wouldn't hesitate to use this exact treatment to help them. Nobody with their head on straight would approve of the methods used to conduct the research, but all the same, I doubt most of those same people would reject the knowledge and the benefits it can bring.

2/3, body too long


I'm not so concerned about the notion of people shoving USB ports in their arms - it's their body, what do I care? We're still a ways away from cyborg supersoldiers punching through concrete and tearing meatbags apart with their bare robo-hands. What's more important is that as technology develops, we have safeguards in place to prevent those real atrocities from happening, or at least minimize their impact. At the end of the day, if I want to off a fella, and I don't care about consequences, there's little stopping me from grabbing the nearest heavy object and smashing it into the person's squishy bits until they stop screaming. We can cause pain and suffering without any technology whatsoever. Technology is certainly dangerous, but a kitchen knife isn't a weapon until someone starts swinging it around.

If someone's afraid of the coming of transhumanism, it's the human bit they're scared of.


>If someone's afraid of the coming of transhumanism, it's the human bit they're scared of.



Transhumanism was supposed to be about merging with technology to enhance your abilities and make yourself smarter and stronger; and not getting cosmetic implants in your eyes and embedding magnets in your fingers for no reason.


I dont like we should execute them

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