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Is this considered New Retro Wave ?
Also new retro wave thread if you like.


Its called Vaporwave from what I can tell. Vaporwave is generally another music slowed down, chopped, repeated, and manipulated to an entire new degree of music. Popular songs include 80s music, elevator music, and lounge music.



Anything on Artzie Muzik (or whatever it's called) is FutureFunk. 100%. But then, even that's wrong, because FutureFunk is really just 80's Japanese soft-pop and pseudo-disco with a couple of filters slapped over it. I love FutureFunk, but it really is derivative.


>New Retro Wave
>Future Funk

Why does vaporwave spawn so many niche subsubgenres?
I can't tell the different between them tbf


I think everyone all of a sudden got really interested in 80's music, and the further they went, the more interested they got. I imagine people are eventually going to start remixing Iraqi and Lebanese martial anthems from the 80's era wars, and then putting them behind videos of kawaii anime girls with guns.

Martialwave. The songs really are begging for it.



plenty of qt's in that first one



Because people want their own definition to their music.


That was funny and informative


does this count


Seapunk, because we don't have enough sub genres in this thread.







Vaporwave is just one of those niches. Synthwave revival had been happening on a big scale in Portland and LA since the early 2000s and is likely the root of most of the nostalgic 80s fads of the last decade. Nostalgia for past styles is a common trend of the post-millenia in a lot of different areas and most people would trace it to the subsumption of the 90s anti-commercial 'alt' cultures back into the market (ie Hot Topic).

Still, there are further precedents for vaporwave in the 90s/late 80s. Balearic beat was already characterized by uncaringly uncool and chilled out dance music like italo house and R&B; DJ Screw pioneered the art of slowdown in Houston; Stereolab (and Tokyo's Shibuya-kei scene, flipper's guitar, pizzicato five etc) were already re-enacting dug up historical genres.

As >>223 pointed out, OP's song is future funk, not vaporwave. Vaporwave is a forced meme and is as irrelevant as seapunk.






File: 1457631485668.jpg (368.67 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, cover.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

funny that so many people associate new retro wave with vapourwave, new retro is a lot broader than vapourwave



hadnt looked at this >>274
this tbh


File: 1457631776377.jpg (101.64 KB, 425x424, 425:424, R-2151093-1266780756.jpeg.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

also this is pretty good
it isnt vapourwave but sure sounds like it, its actually japanes and actually from the 80's


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