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>Snadbox MMO
>spiritual successor of SWG
>Build your own nation
>No levels or classes
>Player driven economy

I ain't putting down any dosh yet, but I really want to see this succeed.



I can't seem to find a FAQ page, is there an estimated release date?



>player driven economy
A player driven economy placed within the standard format for mmo's and really games in general is naturally destined to fail (typically either left to ruin, or the community gives up on the gold-based economy and switches to a barter system), simply due the infinite generation of currency, and thus the economy will be subjected to infinite (and often rapid) inflation.
You can see this clearly in just about any multiplayer game with a global economy, from diablo to wow, and even within single player games with all negotiation taking place with npcs (the difference in price between early-game and late-game weapons is typically under exponential growth)

There are only two games I'm aware of that have successfully mitigated this state. One is EVE, which does so by requiring every purchase to be extremely high risk (the big purchases are on ships, which are of course permanently destructible, and resources, which maintain a physical form, and are thus subject to destruction and theft).

The other is PoE, which does two things. It recognizes that its spiritual predecessor, Diablo 2, was subjected to this state of affairs, where gold quickly became useless but the community found an alternative currency is the valuable, consumable & rare objects known as runes. A bartering system naturally occurred, which remained subject to inflation, but at a much slower rate than that of gold (it was both readily consumed to produce higher-quality gear, and the best runes spawned rarely.)


Thus, PoE simply instantiated the model as the baseline of its currency. Every non-equippable item served dual-purpose, as both currency and consumable-utility.
However, their system isn't terribly sufficient, as trade comes far easier than it did in Diablo 2. Where D2 limits one to trade within a lobby of 8 players, or act outside of the core game, PoE has a /trade channel for the entire server. Their model, based on what I imagine was similar rarity rates as D2, falters under the greater population of a global marketplace, and rapid inflation incurs regardless.
However, PoE has a second system in its sleeve. The primary servers for playing are reset every 2 months.
So the economy is reset as well, and can thus survive

Also another interesting economy was WoW's, where they able to mitigate the effects of inflation in a similar manner as PoE. They simply wiped out the value of all items on the server with each expansion pack. However, I have not played or read about WoW enough to be aware if the community gives up on the gold-based economy

My main point is that you can't trust player-driven economies if the developers are following the 'standard' game design philosophies, as without careful consideration, it is quickly driven to ruin.


You're forgetting Runescape. RS did it very well. A lot had to do with the fact that when you die, you dropped all but 3 items, or all your items if you were skulled.

It wasn't until one of the devs sold his shares to some other company (giving them enough shares for a hostile takeover) that the economy, and the game itself, went to shit.

Also apparently this game didn't do so well. I just looked at the site, and it basically got cancelled and is now going to be called "Fragmented".

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